Monday, August 03, 2009

Getting From Papua New Guinea to Redding

There's a missionary who lives in Papua New Guinea who's mother lives near Redding. She needs to get to her mother to help her out. Mother has MS and she has more bad days than good.

What's a missionary to do?



So she and her husband do.

And God worked it out like this.

Missonary gal, Jen, calls her sending churches Missions Pastor and explains the details. A friend of hers finds out and says, "I have frequent flyer mles. I can get you from PNG to SFO and back."


Missions Pastor has a cousin, Cindy, who lives in Redding who is married to a good friend and former employer of mine, Victor. They've helped the mom, Marcy, install a new swamp cooler and take her to her Dr's appointments and church, etc. But they couldn't go to SFO to pick up Jen. They had plans to go to Tahoe. What to do?

Call Eric.

Eric is a "good Christian" (Victor's words), let's see if he can do it?

So Eric, Pam and their daughter Heather, pack up the car and head out to SFO and pick up Jen. Jen has never met Cindy or Victor or me or Pam or Heather. She was assured by Cindy that we were "okay...good christian people".

We spent about 5 hours with Jen learning about her life with her husband and 3 boys as missionaries with New Tribes Missions in PNG. Stories of how God provides and opens doors. How the enemy attacks where you least expect it. How circumstances change and cause you to question where God is leading you now? How In-And-Out is really, really good when you haven't had one in 2 years. Hearing someone who get's save at 27 and 4 years later is living in the South Pacific explaining the gospel to people who think a crocodile is their god.

That's how you get a missonary from PNG to Redding. God's way.