Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Dinner Train

My wife's bosses, in lieu of a company Christmas party at the office or at someone's home, took the whole office plus spouses on the Shasta Sunset Dinner Train.


What a night!

There are 5 cars; a gift shop, dance floor, dining car #1, kitchen/dining car #2, caboose, then the engine. You head out of McCloud, Ca. at the base of Mt. Shasta, head up the hill to the switchback, then back all the way around the base of the mountain to the city of Mt. Shasta, then back to the switchback, then back down into McCloud. Takes about 3 hours. We left around 6p and got back around 9p. The weather was clear and cold. Saw thousands of stars. The ground is lit from lights under the train and the scenery outside was wonderful!

We started out with various types of bread including a black bread that was more cake than bread. It was served with applesauce. My wife had a little bread with her applesauce! Appetizers were kalmatta olives, dates wrapped in bacon with an almond stuffed in the middle and bruscheta topped with feta and tomato in a oil and vinegar sauce.

Then came the Caesar salad. Not bad.

Then dinner. I ordered the Beef Wellington and I have never had meat that melted in my mouth. The reduction sauce was the perfect compliment. The carrots were shaved and drizzled with bernaise sauce. The mashed potatoes sported skin and were heavy with butter. Then came the dessert. Mint cheesecake or a stewed pear in amaretto sauce with an almond in the middle. I had the cheesecake as I'm not a big pear fan.

Didn't indulge in the wine or beer as I was driving home that night but they had a nice selection.

In the town of McCloud there is a mercantile store that has beers in it's cooler that I had only read about.

The wife and are thinking our next anniversary will be on the train and in the B&B next door.

Fun night!


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