Thursday, April 05, 2007

Three Days in the Bay

I'm not a prude, or at least I don't think of myself as a prude. But after spending 3 days in the Bay Area, specifically at Marineworld, I think I might be. I saw more boobs, butts, thongs, tramp-stamps than I really needed to see. And if I noticed them, I'm sure my 14-year-old son saw them as well. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure he noticed them because he commented on something we both saw.

A white guy who thought he was black.

Yup. A pasty white, blonde guy who dressed, talked, walked and acted like he was several pigment shades darker than he was. He was hanging around a group of blacks and my son was trying desperately to not laugh. Even he saw how lame it really was.

Then there were the little girls in line for "ROAR". I call them little because they couldn't have been more than 14 or 15. And yet, their tops were so low that if their shirts were to have shifted, they would have given everyone a nipple flash.

Of course, sitting on the benches at the dolphin show, it's hard not to notice the green thong that is 2 inches above the waistline of shorts on the woman in front of us.

Then there was the heavy-set guy with dyed black hair that hit him just above the pockets...of his shirt and the black t-shirt that loudly proclaimed in bold, white letters, "KILLING FOR SATAN" on the back.

How am I supposed to take my kids somewhere and have a good time without having to stop and interrupt said time by discussing lame-ass people's behaviours? Whatever happened to the idea of "public"? In other words, there are things that are acceptable in your own home or in a setting with like-minded people, but there are liberties that should be curtailed, even restrained, in the public eye. I am not arguing someone's right to wear a shirt so low I can see areola showing just wear it where the majority of people aren't going to see it. I really don't want to see your underwear. There is a reason it's called underwear and that's because you wear it under your clothes, not hanging out for all to see.

We did have a nice, quiet time in San Francisco though. On Tuesday, we headed to Golden Gate Park and hit the Japanese Tea Garden. What a really cool place. Very beautiful and serene. We had some green tea and wasabi rice crackers as well as fortune cookies. We took a bunch of pictures (which I'll post at Photos By Eric sometime today) and had a good time walking along Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39.

The weather was perfect all three days in the Bay and we felt blessed that God allowed us the time together. Not too many crowds which my family knows drives me nuts. No rain or cold wind, just sunshine and the occasional, welcome, breeze off the Bay.

All in all, not a bad time...


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