Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Political Pandering of the Conservative Christian

I saw the movie, "Man of the Year" starring Robin Williams last night. Excellent movie. Part of the premise is that politicians will say anything to anybody to get elected but won't do what needs to be done to get the job done.

I was surfing Rush Limbaugh's website this morning, something I do every once in a while, and Rush was talking about the Democratic Pandering to Christian Conservatives. Rush Limbaugh on Political Pandering

He references one group Sojourners/Call to Renewal ( Sojourners and Call to Renewal ) as the ones who brought Obama, Hillary and Edwards in to discuss their faith.

It seems to me that we have officially entered the "faith" portion of the race for the White House. Gotta get that faith thing out of the way so we can get to the real stuff; illegal immigration (Honey, did you remember to pay Consuela?), flag burning (Honey? Has my flag underwear arrived yet?), Iraq/terrorism (Honey, where's my 3 oz. bottle of toothpaste?), Global Warming (Honey, the weather channel says snow down to 4500 feet and it's only June 6th!) among other things.

Rush makes some observations that, especially these guys, have been antagonistic at best to those who profess a Christian belief. And yet, they will (and not just those on the left side of the aisle but the right side as well...ain't that right Rudi?) trot out their faith, attend a church service, even preach a sermon ( Sermons in Selma, so as to appear religious enough.

But their words and deeds, like many of ours, are polar opposites. Is this what we want for a leader?

Just some the's a good one!


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