Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This post was titled "Prayer".

And this was my response...

If Kucinich and his pals had there way, we'd be speaking German...or Japanese...or Russian...or Arabic.

While I agree that some of our liberty's have been put on hold, can he offer another way of accomplishing what the Patriot Act has? Can he offer another option to Gitmo? Does he feel safer without armed military personnel protecting him? What has his side offered other than "pull out" (Don't go there Rob!) and come home?

Look...it's not a perfect system. Kucinich and his ilk see George Bush and this current administration as pure evil. Funny....I thought those guys in other countries who consider us evil and need to be wiped off the face of the earth were evil? I would say that those who side with those who want us dead, and do so in the name of tolerance, should be labeled the "enemy within" and not Bush, Cheney, et al.

Has this war gone on too long? Yup. No doubt about that there. Should it have been over 2-3 years ago? Absolutely. Restraining the military from it's job description (kill people and break things in the defense of this country) gives us a quagmire similar to what we had in Vietnam. Read Schwartzkopf's book. Fascinating appraisal of what the US military is, does and should do. Read Gingrich's book on American history. There are those who still long for the old country even though their closest connection to that country has been dead for nearly 100 years.

War is hell people. It ain't pretty. It's not a time to worry about culture and civil rights. It's a time to take the fight to the antagonist. It's time to wipe the floor with the bozo who hurt our mothers and daughters, our sons and brothers. It's time to kick ass and take names. There is precedence all the way back to the bible...

"Saul? What is this bleating of sheep I hear?"

Precedence was set in WWI, WWII and even Vietnam. The carpet bombing campaign put a serious dent in the will to fight amongst the North Vietnamese. When it was stopped by those who couldn't stomach war, the North had time to re-arm and re-arm they did. When the carpet bombing resumed, moral was destroyed. Unfortunately, the bombing was suspended indefinitely and the North re-armed, re-attacked and won.

So I say to Kucinich and his ilk, yes, pray for those who are killed in war. Pray for our leaders to have wisdom. Pray for our soldiers lives. Pray that America will lead the way in peace and freeedom and democracy. And pray that those who stand in the way and do harm to others will earn in themselves due justice for their actions.



Mark said...

I was recently turned on to IIchornicles 16:9. I also think that Papa bush came under the spell of "You let a man live that I deemed should die. Now it will be your life for his". After letting Sadam go in the first war the first bush administration became inept and we got 8 years of Clinton. Just an observation.

Eric said...


Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. I think history will judge Bush II as the right man in the right place at the right time. I think in the long run, his policy will bear out. As for Clinton, the man was in it for the ego trip. Very, very little good came out of his administration. The Republican Revolution under Newt Gingrich was one of them. If only they'd stuck with their guns...