Sunday, February 08, 2009

Kinda Scruffy

I'm not shaving or cutting my hair until I get a face-to-face interview. Which means I'm going to be a bit scruffy looking at my parents 70th Birthday shindig next week! I do keep it neat and trimmed but me, with long hair and a beard, is something most of my extended family have never seen.

First time I grew a beard my daughter referred to them as "weeds" on Dad's face.

My wife hates the beard (or even the goatee) because it "itches" when we kiss.

My son...hasn't voiced an opinion. He's still pissed at his parents for putting him on restriction due to an "F" in AP English ("I don't like doing those essays!" Tough darts's part of the class) and a "D" in Spanish ("I don't like doing the's dumb!" Tough darts's part of the class).

My dogs dont' care either. Just as long as I give them some food off of my plate when I'm eating they wouldn't care if I was naked and bearded!

I did have a preliminary interview with Dynamic Aviation on Wednesday of last week. If they're interested in me they'll call back. If not, "hopefully you'll get an email" saying they aren't interested. The job would be flying King Air 90's or 200's either in CONUS or OCONUS. Some of those OCONUS jobs pay between $10k and $20k per month depending on the contract and which war zone you're going to!

That's all...

Have a nice day unless you have other plans...


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