Monday, August 15, 2005

Alpha, Beta, Theta...

No...I'm not learning the Greek alphabet. Those are brain wave patterns.

Found out today that some of us ADHDer's have a problem shifting into Beta mode. Let me explain.


Let me sum up.

Alpha waves - think of it as being in Drive on your car. (This is how it was explained to me...made perfect sense.)

Beta waves - think of it as being LOW or First gear. You need it when you need to buckle down and concentrate.

Theta waves - good old cruise control.

AHDHer's have a hard time getting into Beta mode. We live in the Alpha/Theta range. But when we do get into Beta, sometimes we become hyper-sensitive, ignoring time. Of course sometimes when we're concentrating really hard, even the slightest distraction can yank us out of Beta.

Clear? I thought not.

While medication is out for me (would kill my career as a pilot), there is a bio-feedback method of training the brain. Rewarding you with a "beep" everytime you get your brain into Beta. Think Schick-Schadel Stop Smoking Clinics from the 70's. They wire you up and zap you everytime you took a puff from the old cancer stick. Some people continued smoking just to get the least...that's the Urban Legend.

I don't know where all this will lead. A lot of what has been suggested by the counselor I've been doing. Retraining myself to exist within society's box. And yet, every few years or so, I explode out of the box and it gets messy. Time to teach an old dog new tricks.

I hope that I'll hear from the USFS what they plan on doing to me. The waiting is driving me nuts. I've finished two books and practically surfed the entire internet (not really....just feels like it!).

I've also completed my application to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in their On-Line Degree Completion program. We'll see what I have to do to finish the old Bachelor's Degree. Then I'll decide what's next...maybe a career change. Maybe not.


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