Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Back To School...

My kids started school yesterday (Monday). We moved them out of the local K-8 school to University Prepatory School, a local charter school. (It's for smart kids!) Looking at the requirements for the various classes I was seeing stuff that I had done in college. Mind you, college for me was in 1983-85 but still...having a sixth grader do mean, median and mode computations and figuring probabilities is...well...hard! I was telling my wife I might have to go back to school with these kids just so I can help them with their homework!

The school actually offers classes throughout the year for parents who have been away from school for a while so they can help their kids with homework. I might have to visit the math classes...the language art/social studies and science classes I seem to remember.

I asked my 7th grade son how school was and he said "fine". I asked him if he had met anyone he knew and he said no. I then asked him if there were any hot girls and he grinned saying, "YEAH!" (I did that just to bug his mother!) He also informed us that the guys were "nerds". I went with him on the first day and sat with him until they dismissed them to their various counselors and he's right. Most of the guys are nerds and the girls are hotties. They didn't make girls like that when I was in Jr. High, I'll tell you that for nothing!

I think the learning curve is going to be steep for both kids but I'm confident that they'll be better for it by the end of the year. Whereas they kind of breezed through Public School...this may be a bit of a challenge for both of certainly will be for their parents.


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