Sunday, November 27, 2005

Disney and Thanksgiving...

...or How I Sprained My Ankle...

...or How My 40-Year-Old Body Doesn't Respond When My Mind Thinks It's 19...

The drive this time wasn't so bad. Not a lot of traffic and the kids entertain themselves pretty well now with books and music. If the wife has a CD on they (or I) don't want to listen to, they drag out the CD players and earbuds...I drag out the MP3 player and the earbuds. Everyone is happy.

I introduced my children to some classic Bill Cosby routines, namely the album, "Wonderfulness" which includes "The Chicken Heart That Ate New York". This is from the 60's and early in his career. Riotous stuff! The boy loved it!

Dinner at my Mother-in-law's is always interesting. She's getting on and basically wants everyone to drop what they are doing and spend time with her. She uses guilt and subtle hints. We were cramming two 9-hour drives with two Thanksgivings, one in the high desert and one in the low desert including 3 days at Disneyland. We just didn't have the time and my wife and kids refuse to stay at her house for more than a day. She smokes.

My sister joined us for Disneyland on Monday. We had a good time. My wife and daughter didn't want to ride Indiana Jones so my sister, son and I did. As we were leaving the ride, going down the stairs, I decided to pass my son by sliding down the rail.


My mind thought my body was 19 and hopped on the rail. My body decided we were moving way too fast for 40 and elected to get off the rail. I rolled my left ankle, spraining it really good. The same one I nearly destroyed five years ago and has always been weak.

That was at 6:30 pm. I left the park at 9:30 pm after hobbling around for 3 more hours. The wife had to go to the hotel and get the van to pick me up then off to Walgreens for first aid. My ankle was about the size of a large, red apple. But I iced it up, wrapped it up and swallowed a bunch of ibuprofen. I had paid for three days I was going to use my three days!!

It's still ugly and bruised but I managed one more day at Disneyland and one day at California Adventure. We had a good time. Check out California Soaring if you go. It's like being on a hand-glider over all the landmark places in Cali. You can smell the pine in the forest, the salt over the coast, and the sweet smell of oranges over the groves. When we zoomed over L.A. they should have pumped in the acrid smell of SMOG!! After that, head over to California Screamin' roller coaster. Fun ride!

Thursday at my parents house in Indio. My brother and his new (pregnant) wife were there so it was good to have everyone around. Played golf with my brother and dad on Friday. Took my son. It was his first time playing. I haven't played in about 6 years. Didn't do too bad despite the lapse of time and the bad ankle. Still have a nasty slice though.

Drove home Saturday and beat most of the traffic. Every once in a while I think it would be nice to move back to So. Cal to be closer to family. Then I spend a week down there and realize I have it pretty good in Redding. Nicer. Mountains are prettier. Freeways don't get clogged for hours on end. CHP officers don't get shot pulling over random vehicles. You can see the mountains! And it doesn't take you an hour and a half to drive 50 miles!

We'll stay here. :)



Kari said...

The fun family vacations! I did that drive from Disneyland just before leaving for Japan! Space Mountain and Indian Jones were closed still. Was there anything new in there?
Your blogs are so entertaining!

Eric said...

Yeah...California Adventure??? Was it there when you went?? The only thing knew were some of the rides were Gold (Gold Dumbo, Gold Rocket Ship, Gold Car at Autopia, etc.) and the fireworks were choreographed to the theme music from all of the rides. Way cool! Laser lights and flames as well. Then it "snows" on Main Street. Lot's of dishwashing bubbles!

They also made mosaic pictures of all the Disney characters throughout the years. The pics were made up of hundreds of smaller pictures taken around the park over the last 50 years.

That the the whole place had a new coat of paint!