Friday, November 04, 2005

I Thought I Should Post... case anyone is reading! Haha!

Rain has hit the Northstate. Finally. It is cool and crisp outside. Just the way I like it. The flannel sheets are out and the wife is wearing soft sweatshirts and sweaters! I don't have to mow my lawn again until March or April and that nasty sprinkler problem can be shelved until spring as well! There is snow on the mountains which makes a beautiful sunset or sunrise all that more exquisite.

Of course, if I had a motorcycle, my riding days would be few and far between. But, wheels. :(

Flew on Tuesday. Will fly again on Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday will be a late night over to don't get to go to the casinos...I get to hang out at the airport for 5 hours.'s like riding a bike, I haven't flown since June but it felt good to get behind the stick again. I even remembered how to fly the Cessna 340. It's been 5 years since I've been in one!

I'm hoping the turbo props come soon. Looking forward to getting some more King Air time.

Have a good weekend....



Kari said...

So glad you are in the sky and havign fun again!
Miss you dude!
I'm reading!

Eric said...