Monday, February 13, 2006

"Gonorhea on Valentines Day (VD)"

"...and you're still lookin' for the perfect lay..." - Larry Norman, "Why Don't You Look Into Jesus (He's Got The Answer)

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day and I still have to get cards for the wife and kids. Why? Cause they got me one that's why. VD doesn't have the same appeal it did when I was dating and courting my wife. Now it's just another day to spend money I don't have. You see, my daughter's bday is Nov 30, son's is Dec. 11, then Xmas, then Sister's bday Dec 29. Dad's is Jan 6 and wife's is Jan 16. By Feb 14...I'm broke!

But I'll still do the card and candy thing because that's what I have to do. The kids will be upset if I don't and the wife, even though she says she doesn't want anything she still likes the card and flowers. Tells her I still love her and don't take her for granted.


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