Sunday, June 04, 2006

"Animals are people too, ya know!" - Radar O'Reilly


As one bumper sticker says: "I didn't claw my way to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables!"

Saw a sticker on a car in the Costco parking lot today that is probably the most inane one I've seen regarding animal rights. It said, "Animals are just little people in fur coats."



What a freakin' idiot. Come on. I mean...come on! I truly don't think they truly think that but...they were from Oregon and they had other "animal friendly" stickers on their car. I could be wrong.

Look...I was told my God (It's in the Bible...look it up!) to have dominion over all the animals. To go out and rule over them. To eat them. To cut them up into bit-sized pieces and offer them as sacrifices to God as an atonement for my sins (OT stuff here). And then who got to eat of this burnt meat stuff? Why...the priests, that's who. That's right boys and girls, barbeque (or BBQ for those of you in the South who have never seen it spelled out) originate with the Hebrew Priesthood at the order of God hisself!

I thank Rush Limbaugh for voicing it so well. "It's a sign of a loving God that animals are stupid." "Show me the hospitals and freeways built by the dolphins?" I'll throw in my cousin Ricky who, in response to my former brother-in-law's lame question, "Does the horse mind if I ride it?", said this...

"It's a horse."

(This is the same former brother-in-law who was a die-hard Limbaugh fan!)

There was a gal who worked the customer service counter at KaiserAir at the Oakland Int'l Airport. I used to fly in there 5 nights a week for about 3 years and got to chatting with her and the others behind the counter. One night we were talking about BBQ and she said she was a vegetarian. I asked why? She said because she likes animals. I said I like animals too, to which she smiled in appreciation. Until I added, "I like them baked, broiled, barbequed and fried!" To which she responded with a sneer, a huff and a walk-off to the back office until I left.

Now, I have no problem with people liking animals more than people. The older I get, the more I like my dogs than some people. And I don't mind people standing up for animals that are abused, hurt and mistreated by other humans. After all, God also told me to be a steward of this earth He gave me to live in. (That's also in the can look it up as well.) But I will draw the line when it comes to lame-brained statements like the one from Ms. Newkirk of PETA who said, "When it comes to feelings of pain; a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy."

What Ms. Newkirk meant (as she later explained) was that it was the "feelings" part, not the feeling part. In other words, yes, dogs, rats, pigs and boys "feel" pain. It is part and parcel of having nerve endings. But she goes onto explain that animals "feel" as humans "feel"...with "feelings...whoa, whoa, whoa, feelings!" I don't think dogs, rats, and pigs have "feelings" the way humans do. I know my dogs are happy when I come home but that's because they associate me with belly-rubs and morsels from the dinner table. I don't think it's because of a "feeling" or emotional attachement the way my wife and kids do when I come home.

Animals are not people. Once these lame-brained PETA freaks understand that then there will be less contention between people who eat BBQ on the weekend and those who break into pet stores and free the bunnies on their weekends.

(Besides...the bunnies that get freed just provide easy prey for coyotes and's part of the food chain but we don't want them coyotes and foxes to become dependant on man now do we??? Hmmm???)


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Bob Kurtz said...

Beyond lame. Pain is pain and if your hurt a living being intentionally, especially animals, you should live in shame. Give me a million dollars and I will spend every penny on shelters, love and care for animals. The Christian teachings regarding animals are proof of the contradictions, if not outright stupidity, of such thoughts. Do your know what a three dog night is (beyond the name of an excellent 70s rock band)? The name "Three Dog Night" refers to an old expression meaning a night so cold that one needs to sleep while embracing three dogs