Friday, June 16, 2006

Just When I Thougt It Was Safe to Buy Beer

The SBC (Southern Baptists...not the phone company) goes and set's Free Will back about 100 years...

The Southern Baptist Resolution on Alcohol:

The messengers easily passed a resolution today that urges complete abstinence from alcoholic beverages.

WHEREAS, Years of research confirm biblical warnings that alcohol use leads to physical, mental, and emotional damage (e.g. Proverbs 23:29-35); and

WHEREAS, Alcohol use has led to countless injuries and deaths on our nation’s highways; and

WHEREAS, The breakup of families and homes can be directly and indirectly attributed to alcohol use by one or more members of a family;

WHEREAS, The use of alcohol as a recreational beverage has been shown to lead individuals down a path of addiction to alcohol and toward the use of other kinds of drugs, both legal and illegal; and

WHEREAS, There are some religious leaders who are now advocating the consumption of alcoholic beverages based on a misinterpretation of the doctrine of “our freedom in Christ”; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina, June 13-14, 2006, express our total opposition to the manufacturing, advertising, distributing, and consuming of alcoholic beverages; and be it further

RESOLVED, That we urge Southern Baptists to take an active role in supporting legislation that is intended to curb alcohol use in our communities and nation; and be it further

RESOLVED, That we urge Southern Baptist to be actively involved in educating students and adults concerning the destructive nature of alcoholic beverages; and be it finally

RESOLVED, That we commend organizations and ministries that treat alcohol-related problems from a biblical perspective and promote abstinence and encourage local churches to begin and/or support such biblically-based ministries.

Now I'm not a SBC'er (used to be a Conservative Baptist and once signed a piece of paper saying I wouldn't smoke, drink or chew or go with girls who do!), but, I do think they are a little off base. I can understand their logic but moderation is the key here.

Several years back, The Wittenburg Door did an "Alcohol Issue". Go to their website (linked on the sidebar) and find a back issue. It's one of the most comprehensive treatise on alcohol and the Christian I have ever seen. It's called, "10 Reasons to Teach Abstinence from Alcohol" and "10 Reasons Not to Teach Abstinence from Alcohol".

Fair and balanced.


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