Sunday, September 24, 2006

18 Years...

...and counting.

That's how long the missus and I have been married.

She asked me to dub the two videos we have of our wedding onto DVD. That was fun watching a wedding from 1988. Man...we had some big hair!! Everyone was so skinny and young. Hard to imagine sometimes. We seem to continually see ourselves are we were long ago. I see kids from my Sunday School classes or Campus Life clubs who are grown, married and have babies. It takes me a while to see them as adults, yes younger than me, but adults nonetheless. I now know how my friends parents feel when they see me. They remember me as being 150 lbs. soaking wet, long hair, goofy grin (still have that!) and my whole life ahead of me. I now know why my friends parents groaned when they heard our kids are in Jr. High. Why? Because I groan when those in my youth groups show me their 4 year old! What does it mean???


As one old preacher said, "Don't say you're getting old, say you're fulfilling prophecy!"

I kinda like that even though the guy in the mirror this morning had another grey hair, another wrinkle and his back was crying out in pain because he did yard work the day before! Yes, I'm not 21 nor am I 30. I'm 41 and still plugging away. It's not easy for us to grow old I guess. I think that's something God allowed to happen after the fall. If we were to be reminded on a daily basis that we are not getting any younger we might snap and take out our local post office! I think we're reminded yearly as a means of reflecting on where we've been, where we're going, and how much we can thank God for the blessings. Thank God for letting us make it this far.

I know this isn't news to most, especially for those who have gone before. What is revelation for us is old hat for them and something others will worry about in the future. It's all about perspective.

The wife and I will make it another 18 I know. After that, we'll keep plugging along until one of us croaks or the Lord comes back. Either way, it's 'til death do us part'!


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