Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Candy Game

This is more of a game than a Funny. But it's fun. Match the description with a candy bar name:


1. Another planet in our solar system:
2. A famous street in New York City:
3. A part of the galaxy:
4. A series of small hills:
5. A nutty happiness:
6. Worker bees make this:
7. A town in Pennsylvania:
8. A famous English author:
9. A "Peanuts" character:
10. Sly laughter:
11. Twin letters:
12. An infant of a famous baseball player:
13. Absolutely nothing:
14. An endurance race:
15. Greasy digits:
16. A day employees are glad to see:
17. A famous trio:
18. A large orchestra:
19. Happy laughter:
20. A little overweight:
21. A thing-a-ma-jig:
22. Noise at a car wreck:
23. What a married couple does:
24. What good friends give:
25. Disintegrating celestial body:
26. Fox baby and common feline:
27. The Trinity:

Answers tomorrow...

(HT to Mickey's Funnies)


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