Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"Lick Me, You Die!"

For those of you with pets, you'll get a kick out of this link.

Mere Comments - Pet Care

I have two dachshunds. One is a fat, lazy red-haired standard and the other is a wire black/red standard. Both dogs are goofs. Both bark at non-existence noises outside. The black one, Bandit, will growl at you, raise the hairs on his back at you, if you even think about walking within 100 feet of our house while he's inside, behind a security screen! The red one, Samson, will roll over and let you rub his belly but be forewarned....he'll pee on you.

If you really want an insight into Bandit, go see the movie, "Open Season". The wife and kids saw it last week and said the dachshund in the movie IS Bandit! Samson, on the other hand is too lazy to get featured in a movie. There is a video floating around of a dachshund race (I can't seem to find it right now.) In the race, a black and red comes screaming out of the gate, full bore. That's our Bandit. There's also a red who just kinda pokes along. That's our Samson.

Doxie's are pretty cool dogs. Smart. Funny. Easy to maintain. Just the way I like it!


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