Saturday, March 03, 2007

I've Wanted One...

...for nearly 17 years now.

My own boat.

So, the wife and I were talking earlier this year about how I have 7 days off in a row and how summer time is approaching and how the kids aren't going to do Kid's Unlimited this year and how we're going to have to find something to entertain them so...

...we decided on a boat.

So, armed with a laptop full of information I set out to peruse the local boat dealers in town. Each one had the "best boats" and the "best service". Of course they did.

Frankly, since it was going to be the first boat we've ever owned (we been out on friends boat's for years) we decided to look at used.

Used hurts. The best piece of advice I got everywhere was, "Unless you know who you're buying from, beware!"

So we thought new. New hurts. New is expensive. We were at the boat show at the fairgrounds today and saw boats that cost more than my first house! But there was one place I hadn't been. The local Bayliner dealer.

I know...Bayslimer. Well a little research shows that the Bayslimers of the 80's are not the Bayliners of the 00's. Even insurance companies are given good rates on Bayliners again.

So we bought this one...

On Friday we pick her up. On Saturday we're gonna hit Whiskeytown Lake.

Nervous? Yes. Excited? Yes.


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