Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tanja Stark

I met Tanja through the Wittenburg Door Magazine Chat Closet in the late 90's. She is an Aussie gal who, from childhood to early 20's, could have been my sister as our upbringing in the Baptist church was eerily similar despite the fact we are separated by thousands of miles of Pacific Ocean.

Tanja is an artist. Like me, she rarely takes pictures/paints/constructs people although they do show up in her work. Unlike me, she is a bit more abstract and way better at it than I'll ever be. Her work can be seen Here.

Her blog is Here. You can find it on the sidebar as well.

If I ever get to Australia, I'll look up Tanja and her husband Finn and their kids and take them out to dinner.

Just thought I'd share something interesting today.


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