Monday, November 17, 2008

Of Conspiracy Theorists and Evangelicals

I've noticed there is a group within Xianity that tend to become, well, kooks. I'll be nice, conspiracy theorists. It's usually someone who has been saved out of drugs or some other hedonistic/criminalistic lifestyle. They tend to listen to Hal Lindsay, watch TBN and think Sean Hannity is the Holy Ghost 2.0.

They are the ones who tell me Obama will not be sworn in on Jan. 20th as his birth certificate is forged and he's really a Kenyan hence his meeting with John McCain.

They are the ones who tell me President Obama will suspend the Constitution to allow him to remain President. (I say...go for it. Then run (R)nold from Kali-forneeuh for Pres in 2012. I can just seen him saying to Ach-mini-jihad, "I'm going to pump. you. up!" and "I'll be bahck!")

They are the ones who are cashing out all of their savings and IRA's so as to be able to barter, buy and sell when Obama institutes "the Mark".

They are the ones who are selling their homes for a loss and renting as they'll need to move fast to the mountains when Clinton...I mean...Obama outlaws guns, American flags, Mom and apple pie.

They are the ones who are quitting their jobs and working part-time as it's the end of the world as we know and they don't feel fine.

I can understand how they come up with this stuff. But in all my reading of the Bible I can't seem to get away from God/Christ saying, "Worry not". Not that I'm saying I am not keeping a discerning eye on the times (not the paper or the magazine) but I'm not fretting over what will be. What will be, will be. It's all part of the grand scheme of things. And God knows all about it. It happens with His knowledge. Worrying about the Big 3 automakers bail-out does me no good. I can voice my opinion that it is wrong for the taxpayers to bail out big corporations because they had lousy business practices and I can encourage my Senators and Congressman to vote no (I have DiFi and Pelosi...oh joy) but I'm not wearing tin foil hats. (I look awful in tin's just not my season!)

Sometimes we evangelicals are our own worst enemies. Good thing God has a sense of humor and doesn't actually give us what we deserve at the moment of our failings. I think that's the gist of grace!


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