Tuesday, March 14, 2006


For some years now I have been collecting quotes. Things that people say, or things I read that catch my fancy. I've got about 16 pages now of quotes and as I read back through them I can see the different stages of my life.

I've selected a few quotes from each "era" and posted them here. Some are funny. Some are deep. Some are sarcastic. Some are just...well...different. Hope you enjoy!

"Our non-Christian contemporaries are looking for something real. What we offer them must be genuine enough to withstand a careful and thorough probing. Sick of phony solutions, they're even more feed up with phony people." - Paul E. Little

"It has become fashionable to be "broad-minded", a category into which more and more segments of society are striving to fit. Broad-mindedness is the keynote of our generation. Hollywood broad-mindedly hustles the philandering husband and faithless wife onto the wide screen for the applause of the broad-minded masses. The chiseling cheat has his applauders, the price-fixing executive his apologists. Minds have been stretched so broad that in many cases little of moral substance seems to be left between the ears." - Liberty Magazine

"A parallel expression we hear is, 'I don't feel the need of religion', as if the truth or falsehood of Christianity depended upon one's feeling of need ...The truth of Christianity cannot be determined by psychology. The truth can never be determined by what we want it to be." - R.C. Sproul

“Sometimes I look at Sandy sleeping, unaware of me, vulnerable as a child, and remember that she lived a good part of her life before I even entered it. The face of a sleeping woman, of this sleeping woman, is profound. With its soft lines, with its hidden eyes, with its closed lips, it says: ‘Eleven years are barely enough to get beneath the skin - let alone to the heart - of the mystery that is a woman.’ This woman is my wife. But she is also a sweet stranger, beyond the knowing of a lifetime. She surprises me, and I am glad for that because it renews our marriage.” - Rodney Clapp

“If I took Jesus seriously, and truly asked God to let me do His will in my life, would I be where I am right now?” - Jack Perry

“The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they’re going to be when you kill them.” - William Clayton


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