Saturday, March 11, 2006

So Much For Lent

I'm a bad Catholic. Okay...I'm not Catholic (I wear orange on St. Paddy's Day!) but I tried this whole "give up something for Lent to focus myself on Christ and His suffering" deal. What I found out is that giving up food is dumb. I need to give up something else...maybe a kidney or something. ;)

Actually, I've spent more time in prayer and thinking about Christ and my life in Him in the last week or so because of my desire to observe Lent. While I'm still eating lunch, I do wind up praying more. It's not so much "praying" as we are taught in Sunday School, more along the lines of conversations between me and God. Actually, more along the lines of me talking, God (like a stereotypical therapist) going, "mmmhmmm...I see" and me understanding what He's talking about. Make sense?

Sure it doesn't. You see, I've never been able to sit still enough to hear the still small voice; to see the moral behind the story; to appreciate the sublety of the meaning behind the painting. Being ADHD...I see, acknowledge, go "WOW" and move on. This week, I've been hearing the still small voice a lot more than before; I am beginning to see the moral of the story before it's spelled out for me and the sublety of the art, which I could see in retrospective, is becoming more apparent on the first viewing. It's as if the clouds of ADHD-induced fog is beginning to lift somewhat after 40 years of trying to determine if that large lump of stuff was something that maybe I shouldn't have stepped into. Usually, I discover too late that the lump of stuff I stepped into was dog-poo and the odor I first smelled was a good clue!

Out of the mouths...

My son warmed the cockles of my heart (I think I posted this but can't remember). He stated to his mother how he couldn't understand why men would be attracted to other men when woman are so hot.


My boy.

Straight and horny at 13.

Thank you Jesus!

This comes about from the fact that one of the teachers at his school who also choreographs the kids singing/dancing program in the summer,, is gay. The teacher is "married" and my son also wanted to know, "Who's the man and who's the wife?" My wife shot me a look saying, "Don't you EVEN go there!" And it comes from the buzz from "Brokeback Mountain".

He's so straight and horny at 13 that on "Deal or No Deal" on TV...he chooses his briefcase based on the hottness of the girl holding it!

Now...I just need to keep my little girl (11) from discovering boys. ;)


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