Saturday, April 08, 2006

I'm Not An Aunt...

...I'm an Uncle...again!

My brother's wife, my third sister-in-law, popped out their first on Friday, April 7, 2006. John David, JD Lancaster, was born 6:26 pm Canada time (CDT) weighing 6 lb 9 1'2 oz. 21 " long. He has reddish blond hair which is not unusual. My brother, JD's father, was a carrot-top when he was born. My dad had red hair and my mustache, and when I grown one, my beard has red hair in it. 6 lb, 9 1/2 oz is a bit small for the Lancasters...I myself was 8/8 (that was big for the 1960's) and my brother was over 8lbs as well. My kids were 10/7 and 9/2. I guess Heidi's family breeds them smaller!

Now my son has finally gotten himself a boy cousin. (At least one that we know is legitimately a member of the family, not one who was pawned off...long story....) But, as the boy said, "I'll be twenty by the time I'm old enough to play with him!" That and the kid is living in Canada! Oh well.

So...Welcome to the World John David.

As a side note. I'm not sure if my brother did this on purpose but it seems that way.

My dad's name is John Scott.
My name is Eric Scott.
My brother's name is John Kurt.
My son's name is Matthew Scott.
My nephew's name is John David.

See the trend? I hope he planned it that way. I did it on purpose to honor my dad and I hope if my son has a son, he will adopt the same middle name as me, my dad and my son. Sort of like a Sr., Jr., III, IV, etc but without the pretension of being a Jr., III, IV, etc.


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