Thursday, April 06, 2006

They Gave Me... "on-call" pager.


But I don't blame the Chief Pilot...he is just plain sick and tired of the 3:00 AM phone calls to go somewhere. After a just drives you up the bloody wall. It's something that I hated before and am reluctantly doing now. It's my job's what I was hired to do.

Good news is, I am only the "on-call" after hours/weekend pilot every other week. Works for me!

In the job-hunting department...

The Chief Pilot received a call from a local company that has a Beechjet. She was asking him how to find a pilot. He mentioned one of the many pilot job boards and then asked her where she was located.

"In Redding", she said.

"I know you, I flew you to Yuba City once, he said.

"I know you too", she said.

"She know's me too", I hollered. (I had flown her to Yuba City a week after the CP did and then two of her co-workers to Oakland. These two guys had their IPods out on the way home and were ripping up a mean air guitar all the way back to Redding!)

They laughed.

She asked if he was available and how much he wanted for pay. He said yes and gave the $$ amount. I said I was available too for the same $$ amount. She said, "Keep this on the QT...I'll call you back."

I pulled out my checkbook and said, "How much should I make this out for you to mention my name?"

Chief Pilot laughed and said, "They're looking for two pilots...I'll make sure she knows about you too!"

She called back, he emailed his resume and added my name as a potential candidate. one in the hopper.


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