Sunday, April 30, 2006


Maybe it's the weather. Not raining anymore...sun's out...not too bad.

Maybe I'm just feeling better about myself and my situation.

Maybe I'm letting good intentions lure me in...again.

Maybe I've forgotten Who has brought me thus far and will lead me home.

Maybe I just want something better for my family.

Maybe I don't want the worries of making the bills each month even though we always do, always have, and probably always will because of the One who provides.

Maybe I'm forgetting there are more important things than things.

Maybe I don't want the responsibility of management even though I can do the job fairly well.

Maybe I do care when I say (and feel like) I don't.

Maybe I'm just tired of caring....nah...

Maybe I've accepted my lot in life and should give up the fantasy of trying to improve it.



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