Friday, May 26, 2006

So It's Kilt Friday At Work...

...well not really. I'm the only one wearing a Utilikilt. I saw on the internet a bunch of teachers in Colorado had a "Kilt Week" at school. Jokingly, I said I would wear mine on Friday. I did. To raised eyebrows.

First I dropped off a frou-frou coffee to the wife at work. She called her co-worker out, a lady in her late 50's, for a look see. Her eyes grew big and she asked if it came with a little pair of shorts underneath. I held my tongue as my favorite answer to what I'm wearing under my kilt is "a blue ribbon"! Instead I flashed her a bit of my long boxer-briefs!

Then came work. Patsy, the Customer Service wench, also of the same generation as my wife's co-worker, with whom I've worked with off and on since 1991, wouldn't look at me. She giggled and said I was a goofball. Liz, the new girl behind the counter (20-something and kinda cute) was giving me the once-over wondering in her mind, "Just what is that man wearing under his kilt?"

Now my boss, whom I've known since 1989, told me I looked "Sweet"...complete with a lisp. (He's a baby-boomer...need I say more?)

Like I've said in previous posts, on other boards, it's the most comfortable piece of clothing in my closet...and I'll wear it whenever I feel the need to be free!!


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