Friday, May 26, 2006

The Worst Job

Ok...we've all had jobs that sucked one way or another. I've been a box boy, a checker, and a shelf stocker at a grocery store. I've mopped up my fair share of puke and piss. I've delivered pizza's to half-naked women, psychotic nut jobs and two queers in Tulsa who lived better than most straights! I've dug ditches, been a nightwatchman, an apprentice electrician, a paper boy, and a pool boy. I've worked with teenagers...nuff said there. I've been on radio as a DJ and a reporter/anchor. I've been a flight instructor, a charter pilot, a freight dawg, and an aerial firefighter.

But none of these jobs were as bad a the ones Tony Robinson found throughout history. Check it out at The Worst Jobs in History.


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