Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bringing One Of Our Own Home

A local man, a Sgt. Turner of the US Army, was killed in Iraq this month. He is being brought home and it's created quite a stir. Read the article HERE and especially the comments.

Why do people have to be such jerks when someone dies? To make someone's grief their platform to protest? I know it's a not-so-subtle and very effective weapon in one's oratorical arsenal but to drag your opinions of this war and this administration at a time when a wife has lost her husband, a father and mother have lost their son, is just, well, despicable.

And yet, there was a time when I was younger (not by much!), when I would have jumped on that very same opportunity to voice my opinion in the marketplace of ideas because, after all of my 30+ years of experience, I knew it all!

What a dork!

Let's mourn first. Let's help those in need. Let's honor this man's sacrifice. And then, if you want to debate the war, call O'Reilly. Call Larry King. Enter into a debate on your local newstalk show. Just don't do it in front of those who have come to mourn when the wound is still fresh, when the pain is still poignant, when the tears haven't stopped flowing.


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