Monday, May 19, 2008

So Long and Thanks for all the Flights

The contents of this post have been deleted by me.

The reason? While writing things down is good therapy for me, the events I wrote about here, the statements I've made here, can and will come back to haunt me. I do not totally trust my former employer to just let this go. So, on some very good advice, I am deleting the contents of this post. The only written documentation of what happened can be found through the NASA ASRS system (anonymous) or the NTSB.



Mark said...

Interesting situation considering the name of your blog!
I've been reading you for about a year. I didn't see this coming either.
I think God is moving on his people to get the house in order for the finally. He's been messing with me too. I still have my main job, but i know there is some message I'm (stupid human) not getting. I just try to stay close to him and look for the open door.
I'll pry for you on the way to work tonight.

Mark said...

Yeah, not only will I pry for you I'll also Pray for you