Saturday, October 29, 2005

Buchner's Blog...

You'll find a new link on the sidebar. One of the girls that was in my High School Sunday School class has turned 25 and is living as a missionary in Japan. Her name now is Kari Burrell but when I knew her she was Kari Buchner. So I always refer to her as "BUCHNER!" I know...I'm weird!

Anyways...check out here blog. Her website is at Buchner's Homepage



Kari said...

Eric, Eric, Eric,
What am I going to do with you!
I haven't heard that in sooo long!
Hey was just thinking today that I bet no one reads my blog anymore. Thank you for showing me that that isn't true.
So what's new? Are you guys still in Redding?
Say "hi" to Pam and the kids for me!
Thanks for your link!

Eric said...

Still in Redding...going to Calvary Chapel Redding now...

Pam and the kids are doing fine.

BTW...made both Pam and I feel OLD when we say your age on your newsletter!!!

Oh well....I hear your 40's are pretty fun.