Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Calvin and Hobbes....

(The above picture is of Eric and Bart reading Spidey guess who's who!)

Probably the greatest comic ever written is now out in a 3-volume set.'s a hundred bucks but it's Calvin and Hobbes! I mean, c''s Calving and Hobbes!!!

I want this for can get it for me here ------->

Calvin and Hobbes

I'm trying to establish myself as the leader in the newsroom. I'm basically the "Acting" News/Program Director but really need managment to make the announcement. I took the initiative and assigned some stories today...we'll see how it goes...

My friend George "Thunder" Tharalson and his lovely wife, Julie, should be popping out Baby Thunder sometime today. Julie was induced this morning so we should have a bouncing baby Tharalson soon...

It's Wednesday...Hump Day. Can I start my weekend now???


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