Saturday, October 08, 2005

Yesterday...I Had Coffee... of those frou-frou, crapaccino, mocha-latte, whip-creamed, espresso shot elixirs that millions of people become cranky when they are deprived of it.

I shouldna never drank the whole thing.

I like caffeine...don't get me wrong. Being ADHD, a small amount of caffeine as found in tea or say, a Mt. Dew or Dr. Pepper, takes the edge off. A "Tidal Wave" from "West Coast Coffee" on Churn Creek Road in Redding, has me rambling on, talking to people I don't know and asking the little Chinese waitress how you say "thank you" in Chinese. (It's pronounce 'do-che' in case you're wondering.) My hands were even shaking somewhat.

I crashed hard around 2pm. My wife had to wake me at 3:30 so I could go back to work. I was still going a mile-a-minute at 9:30 and didn't fall asleep until 11:00. But I was wide awake at 6 in the A.M. ready to take on the world. Now it's 2:30 on a Saturday and I think the buzz is wearing off.

I shouldna never drank the whole thing.

I guess my system wasn't used to such a strong snort o' the espresso!

Maybe I'll try another "Tidal Wave" sometime in the future...when I really have to stay awake!


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