Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Final Diagnosis...

ME: "Okay Doc...let me have it! What have I got? Give it to me straight...I can take it! I've had the Treadmill Test, 3 EKG's, and Echo Cardiogram and blood panels....What is it???"

DOC: You have Orthostatic Hypotension which triggered a Benign Postural Syncope (sync-coh-pee) due to dehydration and supination.

ME: *Stares at Doctor...blinks eyes a couple of times*

DOC: You get a head rush when you stand up and you passed out because you jumped out of bed too quick.

ME: Oh.

Yeah...nothing in the blood test, nothing from the treadmill, nothing from the Echo Cardiogram (Which was pretty cool seeing and hearing my own heart on a sonagram!)

What the cardiologist said is that I am in the 1% of the population who has passed out more than three times in his life due to low blood pressure. Not a problem when I'm up and moving or flying the plane or doing Kung Fu or whatever. Just a problem when I try to stand up to fast after being sedentary. It will just be a nuisance for the rest of my life and I need to drink more water, add a little more salt to my diet and tap my feet on the floor before I get up to tell my brain to tell my heart that I'm getting up and to not let all the blood flow to my feet!

They wanted to do a tilt table test to prove this but I declined. A gal at work lost her medical for a year and a half after failing the test and the Doctor said I really didn't need to take the test as I have a very mild case of Orthostatic Hypotension...something that just about everyone has at one point in their life. I just have it more than most and losing my medical means I can't fly. That's not good since that is my livelihood right now!

On another note...it's going to be damn hot here in Redding this week. 108-109 degrees for at least 5-7 days...yeah...Summer's here...with a vengence!


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