Sunday, July 10, 2005

No More...

...self pity and loathing.

Yeah...I got problems. Nothing do you.

I'm tired of moping; bemoaning my existence. Nope...I'm not gonna do it.


Two things. I had a good day and I was reminded who's I am.

There is no problem bigger than God. Nope. Whatever happens, I have to rest in the knowledge that I am His, regardless of what I do.

And I saw Fantastic Four today with the boy. Good flick! Bad reviews only make me want to see things more. They didn't like Daredevil...I did. They didn't like F4...I did. Yeah...they played around with the story-line on how they got their powers and Von Doom's transformation the same way they played around with Peter Parker/Spiderman's web-making ability. It works though...made Von Doom creepier.

And despite Reed Richards' screw ups, he realized what was important.

Yeah...I'm grasping sue me....I'm trying to put the hell of the last three weeks behind me.


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