Friday, June 17, 2005

I've Got To Fiiind Myself!

I remember saying that to my dad once...he just looked at me like I had grown wings out of my head. That catch phrase from the 60's/Boomer generation just didn't cut it with my generation. After generation was watching Speed Racer while the Boomer's were "droppin' in, turnin' on and tunin' out!"

But I'm not a Gen X'er either. I hated Nirvana and the whole grunge movement. Those who wore Birkenstocks were just wannabe Boomers to me. When all around me were growing their hair long and affecting a re-hashed, 60's, "I don't care" attitude, I went high and tight..."Give me a flat-top please Mr. Barber, sir!", and joined the "vast rightwing conservative conspiracy" because I thought Limbaugh made sense.

And many of my schoolmates and peers didn't seem to fit in with Boomers or X'ers either.

So what are we?

Were "Generation Jones". Mr. Pontell explains all in this link:

I finally feel like I fit in!! ;-)

Eric ;)

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