Friday, June 17, 2005

You EAT These Things?

When I was 10, my family lived in Maidenhead, England for about a year. One of the things we discovered were stinging nettles. They had dozens of little "stingers" on the leaves and grew wild in the fields. I remember one time I was running through a field and slipped and fell, tumbling actually, into a stinger nettle patch. Man...those things stung! My mom had to rub me down with witch hazel and calamine lotion. I looked like I had the chicken pox!

Now I see (HT to Yahoo News) that some people actually EAT these things! is the website for The Bottle Inn in Marshwood, Dorset, England. They host the World Championship Nettle Eating Contest every year. Apparently, there are some hearty souls out there who don't mind a bit of bite to the stuff they eat....

Personally...If I wanted something with a bite to it...I'd have a habanero burrito!

Eric ;)

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