Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Not What I Expected...

When my son was born my biggest worry was that he'd grow up like me. A nerd. A geek. A klutz. A-social, few friends, suckerpunched. Fortunately he inherited from his mother an outgoing spirit. She is always smiling, introducing herself, making new friends. I don't. I'm aloof. Unsure. Quiet in unfamiliar surroundings. I'm not an open person. To compensate for that I'm often the goof, the clown, the odd one.

But the boy did get my sense of humor, my wit and my creativity. He turned out to be fairly balanced. He is liked by many of his peers, doesn't care a whole lot if people don't like him or don't believe as he believes, and is pretty smart in school.

It's my daughter who has inherited some of my negative traits.

She is quiet in a crowds, aloof, rarely smiles and thinks people are mean. My wife had to explain to her that she needs to be more outgoing, friendlier and smile more. People are more attracted to those who smile instead of those who glare! (I glare...alot...which is probably why I have a reputation for being "mean" at Kung Fu!) She has a sweet, tender heart and when she is your friend, she is your friend through thick and thin. She cries when people are mean to her because, one, she doesn't understand being mean to someone and, two, she is really sensitive. "Touchy" is how I put it.

So all this worrying about the boy being like me and it's my little girl who has adopted some of my weaker personality traits. I guess I need to connect with her more on an emotional level and help her through this. I overcame it, she can to...either that or I'm better at hiding it as I grow older! ;)

Eric ;)

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