Saturday, June 04, 2005

Michael Jackson's Peers? has a story that refers to MJ's "peers" in its slug.,2933,158579,00.html

I'm sorry...the good folks of Santa Maria are NOT Jackson's peers. His peers would acquit him in a New York Minute! It also begs the question whether Mr. Jackson has any "peers"?

I remember "peers" being described as the people with whom fit in with regards to age, occupation and location. In other words...a jury of MY peers would be full of Redding/Northern California pilots in their late 30's. To refine it further they would also profess a faith in Jesus Christ and study a martial art, be married with two children in their pre-teens and own two weiner dogs!

Oh yeah...they'd also have to be government workers. At the GS12 level.

And male.

And blond.

And blue-eyed.

And tattooed.

Like rock...dislike rap.

Enjoy written satire and action flicks.

And be a recovering Baptist.

So a jury of Mr. Jackson's peers are probably not the good folks of Santa Maria. Instead it would have to be some of the loonier folks in the music and entertainment business. Jerry Springer and/or those appearing on his show spring to mind. And those who dress like Mr. Jackson...when they are in their 40's.

Sad...they need to get out and breath real air once in awhile.

Those I feel sorriest for are the reporters who have been stuck in Santa Maria for four months. Not that Santa Maria is not a nice place; it's rather nice this time of year. But four months away from home, family and familiarity covering a trial that is, at best, a waste of taxpayers money, takes its toll on anyone. Even the most hardened, jaded reporter.

I also feel sorry for the good folks of Santa Maria. For years to come they will always talk about the weirdos from the media and L.A. who descended on their quiet town to cover a trial that is, at best a (say it with me now) waste of taxpayers money (and time).

We'll find out next week what the verdict is. I suspect it will be delivered inside of a week. Then we can go back to watching the next missing kid/car chase/drop in the Dow/Senate fillibuster on the news channels...Michael Jackson will be forgotten about until the next time he does something warped...either because he is warped or he thinks any press is good press...

Eric ;)

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